Han So Hee shows you makeup tips to make your face look smaller

Han So Hee reveals how she did her makeup to become a “selfie goddess”. 

Here are the steps of Han So Hee’s “contouring makeup” that makes your face look smaller. 

First, apply the stick foundation to the T-zone area where the pores are most visible and touch it up with your fingers. Then, apply foundation and concealer all over your face to correct the skin tone.

If you use Han So Hee’s “contouring makeup” to make dark areas darker and bright areas brighter, your face will appear three-dimensional and smaller.

Give your face a three-dimensional effect with a highlighter. First, apply highlighter to the T-zone area.  Apply highlighter under the eyes and around the lips to brighten your face up. 

Apply shading to the jawline and cheekbones. Apply a dark color stick foundation along the chin line. Tap the jawline and blend it out with a puff. 

By shading the chin line, your chin will look sharper. The makeup that gives the effect of a smaller face is completed by shading and highlighting.

Source: daum

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