Hyoyeon, “Original resolution? I already forgot it”… Girls’ Generation with 15 years of experience revealed their frank talks (Knowing Bros)

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon talked about the difficulties they had when preparing for the comeback this time.

Girls’ Generation members, who recently released new songs, appeared on the August 13th broadcast of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros” as transfer students.

Girls’ Generation recently made a comeback to celebrate the group’s 15th debut anniversary. On this day, Hyoyeon confessed, “While practicing the choreography for our new song, we had a hard time because of Sooyoung. At this point, we can get the feeling right after seeing the choreography, but Sooyoung kept saying ‘We have to go back to where we started with our original resolution’ and pointing out details of the choreography, even the moves of our hands.

Hyoyeon surprised everyone when she said, “I think I’ve forgotten my original resolution. I still thought of it until two years ago but I couldn’t do it anymore. It’s already big enough for my head to grow big”. Taeyeon hurriedly explained, “No. We have our original resolution”, drawing laughter.

Source: nate

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