Taeyeon, “Yoona is currently the leader… It was very hard to lead the group in the past because we didn’t have mobile phones”

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon told the story of when she hit Seohyun’s elbow in the past on “Knowing Bros”.

Girls’ Generation members appeared as guests on JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros”, which aired on August 13th.

Taeyeon said, “We decided to change the system to suit the current situation. We changed the leader every month”. Hyoyeon added, “As we follow the system, Tiffany, Sooyoung and Yoona are doing so great. When asked ‘I know you’re busy filming movies, but can you be the leader?’, she (Yoona) agreed and happily took the responsibility.”

Taeyeon continued, “Yoona leads the group very well. In the past, we didn’t have wifi during our debut days. There was no mobile phone and no Kakaotalk. We had to move physically whenever we gathered up. The current environment is suitable for everyone to be the leader”.

Yoona said, “Even so, it is still difficult. I hope Hyoyeon unnie reads the messages more quickly. She missed a lot of messages. We’re all too fast. It’s hard to gather all opinions at once. Even when we had been discussing something for a while and everyone already gave their opinions, I still wondered ‘What was the conclusion?’.”

Source: nate

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