“The final winner is WJSN but…”, Netizens request “Queendom 2” production team to reveal the truth, pointing out unfair details in scoring

The winner of the global comeback battle “Queedom 2” has been decided. It’s WJSN.

The final broadcast of Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, which aired on June 2nd, depicts the process of how the winner was confirmed after the final competition. The winner was determined after adding Preliminary points for the 3 previous rounds (40,000) and Final points (60,000).

queendom 2

The revealed preliminary ranking showed Kep1er in 6th place, LOONA 5th place, VIVIZ 4th place, Brave Girls 3rd place, WJSN 2nd place, and Hyolyn 1st place. Meanwhile, the ranking based on comeback digital single points was Hyolyn in 6th place, Brave Girls 5th place, Kep1er 4th place, VIVIZ 3rd place, WJSN 2nd place, and LOONA 1st place.

After all the teams performed their final stages, the Preliminary points for performance videos were also announced. LOONA took 1st place again this time. VIVIZ ranked 2nd place, Kep1er 3rd place, Hyolyn 4th place, WJSN 5th place, and Brave Girls 6th place.

queendom 2
queendom 2

LOONA was nominated for the championship but it was WJSN who became the winner in the end. WJSN members burst into tears and expressed their feelings about their victory.

Since the broadcast ended, netizens on online communities have raised heated discussions on the fairness of “Queendom 2”. Mnet has been facing controversy over score manipulation many times, including in the survival “Produce” series.

An article titled “Requesting the production team of ‘Queendom 2’ to reveal the truth” is attracting keen attention on Nate Pann. The OP (original poster) said, “All teams worked so hard and performed well, but I think the results should be fair. I want the production team to clarify various suspicious things”.

queendom 2
queendom 2

OP then listed out 5 requests. The first one was to ask Mnet to disclose the accurate amount of digital song streams. 

Other than that, they also asked Mnet to explain why Youtube score criteria were changed just before the finale, reveal the real-time votes, confirm their scoring criteria, and disclose the criteria for streaming. 

queendom 2

Some netizens also wondered if duplicate streams have been excluded and asked for accurate figures.

Earlier, Mnet was suspected of manipulating votes after “Produce X 101” ended as the audience pointed out that the number of votes increased at the same rate. The police then launched an investigation and the PD and executive producer in charge of the survival series were sentenced to two years in prison with a fine of 36 million won and 1 year and 8 months in prison, respectively. After the sentence was confirmed, Mnet completed the compensation process for 11 trainees affected by the voting manipulation, who were revealed in the investigation.

idol school

According to the Korea Communications Standards Commission, Mnet’s “Idol School” had to pay the highest penalty of 30 million won for vote manipulation. Mnet manipulated the rankings 233 times over 9 episodes in the process of selecting 19 out of 42 cast members for “Idol School”. The announcements for the 4th elimination led to a reversal in rankings. 10 trainees who were supposed to be eliminated appeared on the list while 10 trainees who were voted to remain in the show were eliminated.  

Source: Wikitree

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