This actor fell in love at first sight with a fan 10 years younger than him and married her when he was still unknown

This is the story of how actor Jung Sang Hoon met and fell in love with his wife. 

Actor Jung Sang Hoon and his wife, who is 10 years younger than him, got married then had a son in 2012. It is known that his wife’s family used to oppose their marriage because Jung Sang Hoon was an unknown actor at that time. His unstable income and the two’s huge age gap were also the reasons. 

Jung Sang-hoon

However, after getting married, Jung Sang Hoon ended his unknown days and became a famous star. Regarding his success, the “romanticist” actor attributed all the credit to his wife, saying “It’s all thanks to our marriage”. The couple has been married for 10 years and they already have three sons.

Then how did they meet each other?

It is said that Jung Sang Hoon contacted his current wife, who fell in love with him after watching his performance, through Cyworld notes.

Recalling the past, the actor said, “Her supportive words cheered me up. One day, I met her in the dressing room. I remember that I fell in love with her at first sight”. Like in a movie, the actor said he suddenly heard a bell ring in his ear at that moment.  

Jung Sang-hoon

His wife sent Jung Sang Hoon notes on Cyworld and started off as a big fan. However, the two later developed into lovers because Jung Sang Hoon actively asked her out.

At the time they got married, his wife was a 25-year-old ordinary office worker at a financial company, and her family opposed their marriage. 

Jung Sang-hoon

Later, Jung Sang Hoon quit being an unknown musical actor and rose to stardom after appearing on SNL Korea. He became a scene stealer by presenting various performances that go back and forth between comedy, singing, and traditional play.

Jung Sang-hoon

Meanwhile, Jung Sang Hoon will make his comeback in the upcoming movie “Decibel”, which tells about a terror in the middle of the city. The film is expected to captivate the viewers at theaters with breathtaking sounds and action scenes.

Source: Daum 

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