Rumored to date former ASTRO Rocky, Park Bo Yeon received malicious messages

Actress Park Bo Yeon revealed the malicious messages she received after she faced dating rumors with former ASTRO member Rocky. 

On March 7th, actress Park Bo Yeon shared several screenshots of DMs (direct messages) that were sent by a hater. The messages contained shocking and vulgar content such as “I hate you so much. Don’t expect to be happy in your life” and “Go f*** yourself.” In addition, according to the handle of the hater, they are a fan of ASTRO. 

park bo yeon

Last year, Park Bo Yeon was rumored to be dating Rocky, a former member of ASTRO. However, the actress denied this claim and stated that she and Rocky were only good colleagues.

Meanwhile, Rocky’s agency later announced that they were getting to know each other with good feelings, while Park Bo Yeon did not make any additional statement, resulting in a one-sided admission of a relationship.


At the same time, Rocky and Bo Yeon’s alleged relationship sparked controversy, with Rocky being accused of neglecting communication with fans. He also allegedly included the actress in the lyrics of ASTRO’s album, invited her to the musical he appeared in, and sent coffee trucks to the drama set where she was filming.

On the other hand, on February 28th, Rocky left ASTRO and the agency, Fantagio, after his exclusive contract expired. 

Meanwhile, Park Bo Yeon, who debuted in the 2019 web drama “One Fine Week”, appeared in SBS drama “Cheer Up” and other works last year.

Source: Nate

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