BLACKPINK’s Rosé suddenly appeared in the Philippines?

BLACKPINK’s Rosé has disappeared for too long… but fans found the idol in the Philippines?

It has been over a year since BLACKPINK’s Rosé debuted as a solo artist. Despite releasing only 2 tracks, the female idol still managed to reap numerous achievements and prove her huge influence. As a result, fans are in high anticipation and dying for Rosé and BLACKPINK to come back and fire up the Kpop scene. 

However, after a long period of waiting, the 4-member group is still nowhere to be seen. In fact, fans even found Rosé all the way in the Philippines!

Rose Blackpink
The surprise appearance of Rosé in the Philippines! 

If you squint a little longer, however, these are just Filipino girls wearing the iconic dress that Rosé adorned in her solo MV. This was actually a special event prior to the presidential election of this island nation. 

Rose Blackpink

Turns out, young people in the Philippines hosted an advocacy campaign for one particular presidential candidate, and the event attracted many Kpop fandoms. 


Tưởng đâu đi lạc vô concert 😎 #Rosé #로제 #ontheground

♬ On The Ground – 로제 (ROSÉ)
Filipino girls dressing up as Rosé

Fans of the idols were super interested, writing comments as follows: 

  • I thought this was a concert, but the election sounds fun there. That’s a lot of Rosé =)))
  • Lol Rosé doesn’t have any idol activities so she is part-timing in the Philippines
  • So this is the reason behind the hiatus…So many jobs, no wonder why she’s rich
  • So many Rosé but where’s the real one?
Rose Blackpink


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