BTS set out to defend themselves against misinformation and rumors from the media

The BTS leader RM expressed his frustration at how the media twists his group’s words and image. The boy group now have to defend themselves against disbandment and enlistment rumors. 

The Korean name of BTS, which means “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”, fits the group well, seeing that they are now experts at dodging “bullet” from the media to protect their values and music. 


Even on their 9th anniversary on June 13th, 2022, BTS still had to face malicious articles, ande decided to tackle those themselves. 

BTS assuage their fans amid of media attacks

Recent rumors about BTS’s disbandment started to spread following the group’s 2022 “Festa Dinner” video, which is an annual content featuring BTS members talking on their debut anniversary day. In this particular video, members announced they will kickstart a new chapter for BTS with more solo activities. As a result, there will be a reduction in group schedules. 

Respectful of their fans’ feelings, BTS chose to deliver the news themselves. 

However, the media misinterpreted BTS’s words, which then led to various news regarding BTS’s hiatus, and even a possible disbandment. HYBE, the agency of BTS, reported heavy losses, with stock prices dropping by 27%. 

Immediately, the company spoke up, clarifying that the alleged “hiatus” is not true, and that BTS will continue to go together for a long time

BTS members were supposed to go solo earlier, after the release of their album “Map of the Soul: 7”. However, everything was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

BTS members thus sought out to clear up all rumors themselves, with Jungkook holding a Vlive on June 15th, where he expressed that the group was “concerned” about the reaction of ARMY (fandom of BTS)

He also affirmed: “BTS have no plan on disbanding. We have a lot of schedules to be completed, and will continue to work as a group in the future. Bangtan is forever.”

BTS Jungkook
Jungkook refuted all rumors in a Vlive on June 15th. 

Meanwhile, the leader of BTS, RM, shared that he had never received as many calls since their debut, all because of the media

“I have been seeing screenshots, provocative articles, keywords like “disbandment”, “hiatus”, “severe announcement”, on and on. It’s not like we didn’t expect those to happen, still, it’s bitter…”, the male idol said. 

“Those who watched the entire video that night and listened to ‘Yet To Come’ will understand that now is not the end. The video of us crying got so much attention that I wondered if we should have the courage to confess our feelings. The courage to speak out honestly always leads to unnecessary misunderstandings,” added RM.

RM spoke up when BTS was played “dirty” by the media

BTS’s upcoming military enlistment

The debate about whether BTS members need to enlist in the military or not has been going on for a long time. Even though BTS themselves have already stated their position on this matter, the discussion over this still seems to have no end. 

The question of whether BTS is going to be exempted from military service or not has been constantly brought up, causing the members to receive criticism

The current military exemption standard in Korea is only applicable for arts and sports personnels. Although K-pop singers are not included, there are bills to amend the “Military Service Act” so that pop culture artists like BTS are given special privileges.

BTS was awarded the Hwagwan Cultural Medal from the Korean Government for their contributions in promoting Korean culture around the world. The group was honored to be the first Asian group in history to be nominated at the Grammys. Over the years, BTS has achieved unprecedented awards and historic records. 

Jin, BTS’s eldest member was born in 1992, was supposed to join the army 2 years ago, but because he received the Medal of Culture in 2018, he was allowed to postpone his enlistment until 2022.


In an interview with CBS’s “Sunday Morning”, Jin affirmed, “Military service is a completely normal thing in Korea. This is the basic duty of a citizen and the members are all ready to do our best to serve the country.”


The fact that BTS will be focusing on solo activities after 9 years of debut is believed to be a signal of their enlistments. This is also a good way for the group to maintain their relevance during the time when a member is serving in the military. This will also put a stop to endless articles and noises about this matter. 


Recently, NH Investment, one of the largest securities companies in Korea predicted BTS’ enlistment scenario. Specifically, Jin will enlist by the end of this year. After the remaining 6 members complete their military service, BTS will reunite with a full lineup in April 2025.


Source: K14

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