CL officially makes a comeback with ‘Post Up’, fans upset because the duration of the music video is less than … 2 minutes

Is this the shortest product of CL’s career?

At noon, September 14 , former leader of 2NE1 – CL officially made a comeback with MV Post Up. This product will pave the way for the female artist’s album, which is expected to be released in October.

Post Up continues to be a product bearing the personality of CL, but the length of the song is only 1 minute and 52 seconds. However, this does not affect the fierce spirit that CL wants to convey in the song.CL’s powerful, ghostly and powerful voice is shown extremely on the hip-hop beat, mixed with the sounds of the flute and pepper, giving a very strange feeling.

Meanwhile, the MV is done in a minimalistic manner, focusing only on CL’s outfits. One thing that makes the audience feel so happy is that CL has regained her beautiful stature after a period of weight problems. Perhaps because of that, CL showed great confidence in every movement and dance step. Many people are not afraid to comment, “This is definitely 2NE1’s CL that I used to know”

At present, fans are looking forward to CL’s “strategy” album in the near future. With the MVs that have been released during the past time, it can be predicted that the upcoming album from CL will also be intense and worth waiting.

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