“The Good Bad Mother” Ahn Eun Jin, “I heard from Song Hye Kyo that Lee Do Hyun is…”

Ahn Eun Jin expressed her thoughts on working with Lee Do Hyun in the drama “The Good Bad Mother”.

On June 9th, Ahn Eun Jin had an interview with Wikitree in Seoul, following the end of JTBC’s drama “The Good Bad Mother”.

“The Good Bad Mother”, which aired its final episode on June 8th, is a heartwarming comedy that follows Yeong Soon (Ra Mi Ran), who had no choice but to become a bad mother for the sake of her son Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun), who becomes a child. It depicts their journey to find lost happiness. Ahn Eun Jin played Im Mi Joo, Kang Ho’s long-time friend, and love interest.


Ahn Eun Jin said, “I watched the first episode with the director and senior actors. I felt excited and nervous. Yesterday, when we all met after the final episode, we all found it regrettable (that the drama ended). But I also I found it very enjoyable and thought, ‘Ah, so it’s really over.’ If I had watched it alone, I would have been sadder, so I plan to go home and watch it again,” conveying her thoughts on the drama coming to an end.

Coincidentally, Lee Do Hyun’s co-star in Netflix’s hit series “The Glory”, Song Hye Kyo, is Ahn Eun Jin’s senior actor at the same agency. When asked what kind of stories about Lee Do Hyun she heard from Song Hye Kyo, Ahn Eun Jin replied, “She just said that he is a really good actor.” 


Ahn Eun Jin continued, “She said he has a high level of concentration on set and gives good energy to his co-stars. I had high expectations, and he really delivered, giving me a lot of help in my acting,” expressing her gratitude to Lee Do Hyun.

Source: Wikitree

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