In light of dropping stock price, HYBE announced BTS would not halt group activities

As news of BTS’s suspension of activities spread, HYBE corrected the claim as its stock price plummeted. 

Previously, news of BTS’s alleged “hiatus” as a group stemmed from the video “2022 The Real BTS Dinner Party”, which was published on BANGTANTV. Stock prices of the group’s company, HYBE, seem to drop following this alleged group activity suspension. 


In the video, the boy group spoke in Korean as they discussed future plans, and the English subtitles translated Suga’s words as: “We’re going into a hiatus now.”


However, his words in Korean can also be translated into “We had gone on a temporary break”, so the subtitles may have strayed from Suga’s real message. 

HYBE recently corrected this, announcing that BTS will be taking on both group activities and solo schedules, unlike what was spreaded previously. “BTS are not taking a hiatus. Members will be focusing more on solo projects at this time”, the label said. 


On June 15th, Big Hit Music (agency of BTS), also shared with a US media outlet that BTS will commence their “Chapter 2”, which focuses on individual growth, but not mutually exclusive with group activities. 

“Chapter 2” will be yet another phrase that further cements BTS’s position as a group, where they will release solo albums as well as collaborations with other artists. BTS J-Hope will be the first member to release a solo act in this phrase. 

Source: AP News

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