BTS’s hiatus from group activities is officially announced… Leader RM sobs as he confesses, “I just want BTS to go on for a long time”

BTS announced that they would take a temporary suspension of group activities.

On June 14th, BTS released a video titled “Real BTS’s Dinner” on their official Youtube channel to celebrate the group’s 9th debut anniversary. “Real BTS’s Dinner” is introduced as part of “BTS FESTA”, a content to commemorate the 9th anniversary of BTS’s debut.

Gathering after a long time due to their busy schedules, 7 members shared honest stories while eating and drinking.

BTS's hiatus from group activities

From the release of their 9th-anniversary anthology album to the recent update on their dorm life, BTS members talked about their group activities and even their little daily life stories.

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Revealing that their dormitory contract had expired and all members already started living on their own, RM said, “Some people might feel disappointed so we wanted to clarify this. I hope everyone will understand that it doesn’t make sense when seven guys living together”, adding, “We’re more like family than friends. We need to distance ourselves physically and respect each other’s privacy”.


Jimin added, “The seven of us are really different. We have different personalities, different tastes, and we disagree on more things than we agree.” Suga smiled and commented, “It’s a miracle that we even lived together.”


BTS then announced a temporary group activity suspension, saying that they would focus on individual activities for the time being.


The members also talked about their plans. J-Hope revealed that he was preparing for his solo album. Referring to acting, which was originally his dream, Jin said, “I’ve done lots of things as an idol so I don’t have any regrets about giving up on acting. But no one knows what will happen in life”. Jimin, V and others also expressed their desire to work on more diverse music genres.

The members also shed tears as they confessed worries that they couldn’t tell their fans and the hardships they experienced while carrying out group activities.


Lastly, RM said, “I was afraid that people will hate me if I say I want to rest. It feels like a sinful thing… I’m sure the members all feel the same. Somehow, we started from a small house in Nohyeon-dong and went all the way to the White House”, adding, “What I want to do and still want to protect is that we can talk happily and do something happily without thinking about the rules of the world when we’re on the stage together. That’s all that I want”. As the leader began to shed tears, other members also got emotional.

RM added, “I just want BTS to go on for a long time. And for BTS to last long, I think I have to retain who I am”, revealing the reason and meaning of their group activity suspension this time.

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