BLACKPINK Lisa’s most fabulous outfit in her solo MV turns out to be a design by this familiar The Face mentor!

The outfit enhancing the culture of Thailand is highly appreciated by the audience in the newly-released solo MV of Lisa.

Lisa has just officially debuted as a solo singer with the album LALISA and the MV of the same name. The entire MV is filled up with luxury, with Lisa constantly changing her looks. Particularly, the scenes where the youngest member of BLACKPINK appears in a Thai traditional costume, looking as powerful as a queen, impressed the audience immensely. 


Lisa’s special costume was designed by the famous Thai brand Asava. For anyone who has followed The Face Men, it’s of no surprise when hearing of Coach Moo Asava – the owner of this brand. 

Possessing a masculine appearance, a calm but still extremely fashionable demeanor is what Moo Asava brings to The Face Men. In addition to being known as a talented and powerful designer of the Golden Temple country, Moo Asava is also the founder and creative director of a chain of famous Thai restaurants and fashion stores.

The fashion style of Mr. Moo always sticks to elegant dark-toned outfits that impress the viewers every time he appears throughout the show. At The Face Men, he made his mark with an elegant style and familiar glasses. However, Coach Moo was pretty down on luck when his team has yet to win a season. 

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