Tzuyu was suddenly absent from TWICE’s schedule without JYP’s notice, Nayeon spoke up to explain

The anger of TWICE fans towards the group’s agency JYP is increasing even more. 

On October 19, TWICE appeared at the 8th E-Daily Culture Awards. The group received the Best Concert Award with the concert TWICE: World In A Day. Due to health reasons, Jeongyeon continued to be absent from TWICE’s lineup on the red carpet. However, to fans’ surprise, not only Jeongyeon, but Tzuyu was also nowhere to be seen. Only 7 members of TWICE showed up at the event.

The group appeared with only 7 members at the 8th E-Daily Culture Awards 

What caused fans to be confused the most is that earlier, JYP, TWICE’s management company, did not make any announcements about Tzuyu’s absence. After the event ended, JYP has continued to ignore fans’ concerns without issuing any official notice. 


Because the company did not make an official announcement, Nayeon had to personally inform the fans about the reason that Tzuyu was absent from the event. She said that because Tzuyu’s health was not good, she could not participate in the schedule. However, TWICE’s youngest member will still be present at TWICE’s 6th debut anniversary event on October 20.


TWICE is in its sixth year since its debut. The tight schedule puts the health of the nine girls, who are known for being “hardworking bees,” at harm. Tzuyu’s sudden absence today serves as a warning sign, making fans even more enraged at how JYP treats TWICE:

  • They didn’t even announce the reason a member couldn’t attend the schedule.
  • JYP appears to be trying to squeeze out TWICE because the contract expires next year. They’ve already made three comebacks this year, and a new album is set to be released in November.
  • GOT7’s departure was the right decision.


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