SNSD Taeyeon chose TWICE as the girl group with the most hits in Kpop!

Taeyeon’s answer about TWICE on the recent show made fans extremely excited.

TWICE, being a hardworking band, is continuously striving to create the best quality music. TWICE’s music products regularly reach extraordinary results thanks to the overwhelming support of its fans. Taeyeon (SNSD) recently also admitted this truth on a program.

Specifically, on the program “Amazing Saturday” aired on January 8, Taeyeon (joined as a fixed member) was asked about the girl group with the largest number of hits.  The leader of SNSD did not hesitate to immediately reply that it was TWICE.

TWICE and SNSD have a tremendous “treasure” of hits under their belts and have had great success in their careers. Both groups are referred to as “national groups” by the media. As a result, fans were ecstatic when Taeyeon chose TWICE instead of SNSD. The fans are overjoyed because this second-generation queen has a special fondness for TWICE. 

Netizens’ comments:

  • Queen supports queens!
  • Taeyeon gave the answer right away without any hesitation
  • It’s obvious that Taeyeon is always following the flow of Kpop.  She knows almost all groups and supports her hoobaes enthusiastically.
  • But I think SNSD has more hits

Perhaps not only Taeyeon but many Kpop fans also agree that TWICE is a girl group that owns plenty of hits. Formed from JYP’s survival show Sixteen in 2015, TWICE garnered much attention with their debut with the catchy, upbeat track “Like OOH-AHH“. This was the perfect start for TWICE to rise to become one of the top girl groups in Kpop.

TWICE hits
Like OOH-AHH is the first hit in TWICE’s career

Cheer Up (released in 2016) is a “national hit” that helped the group get a PAK for the first time. Followed by TT – another smash hit that took over the charts. Signal (2017) drew mixed reactions but still brought a series of remarkable achievements for 9 JYP girls. Later, Knock Knock, What Is Love?, Heart Shaker, Yes Or Yes,… all became famous, confirming TWICE’s position in the industry. Even when transforming into a sexy, mature concept with FANCY (2019), I CAN’T STOP ME (2020) and most recently Alcohol-Free and SCIENTIST… TWICE still maintains their popularity. 


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