Historical hit “The Red Sleeve” accused by Chinese netizens of plagiarism, what is the truth?

Chinese netizens point out that details of Chinese culture are shown in The Red Sleeve.

The Red Sleeve is the most successful historical drama of 2021. Without a star-studded cast, The Red Sleeve depicts the romance between a King and a court lady, which is not new in Korean dramas, but still achieves huge success, reviving the viewership of MBC after many years of going downhill. With its popularity, it comes as no surprise that The Red Sleeve also became famous in the Chinese market, earning a high score of 8.4 on Douban. However, aside from positive comments praising the drama, Chinese viewers recently accused many details in The Red Sleeve of plagiarising Chinese culture.

The Red Sleeve plagiarism
The Red Sleeve plagiarism

Specifically, many Chinese viewers pointed out that the palace setting in The Red Sleeve is identical to the architecture of China’s Fujian Tulou dwellings (Tulou architecture, also known as Hakka architecture, is a series of structures that has round, square, oval, enclosing a courtyard in the middle). Chinese netizens even said that the scene where the male and female leads confess their feelings to each other also used Confucius’s Classic of Poetry.

The Red Sleeve plagiarism
The architecture in the drama is said to be plagiarized from Chinese culture
The Red Sleeve plagiarism
Fujian tulou

The audience disagreed with this opinion.  Many people believe that in films, Koereans do not claim these things as their own architecture or Classic of Poetry, so they cannot consider it as “plagiarism”.

  • Not only this drama, but Hong Chun Gi was also accused of plagiarism by Chinese netizens just because of wearing a Hanbok, huh???
  • But it is true that it resembles the typical Fujian Tulou of China.
  • Chinese netizens always make a fuss whenever they see other countries achieve something.  So mean.
  • The Chinese once claimed that Hanbok and Kimchi were theirs.  I’m not surprised either
  • So everything in the world belongs to China, right?


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