Jeon Somi reveals her unexpected friendship with an actress 28 years older than her

Idol singer Jeon Somi boasted about her relationship with actress Song Yoon Ah.

On May 21st, Jeon Somi posted on her Instagram account some photos with the caption, “Lazy Sunday Morning. Aunt’s house is mine now”.


The released pictures showed Jeon Somi sitting on a wide sofa and drinking tea. In particular, the view outside the window looking to a garden with palm trees caught the eyes of netizens.

Jeon Somi tagged Song Yoon Ah’s Instagram account in her photo, revealing that she spent time at Song Yoon Ah’s house. Song Yoon Ah also commented on Jeon Somi’s post, saying “Everything is yours”.


Earlier, the two drew keen attention when they showed off their close relationship despite their large age difference. Last year, Song Yoon Ah also uploaded a photo taken with Jeon Somi and added the caption, “Our So Mi, aunt loves you”.

Song Yoon Ah was born in 1973 and Jeon Somi was born in 2001. The two are 28 years apart.


Source: Wikitree

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