On-screen pairing and real-life romances of two female “Running Man” cast members: the ups and downs of Song Ji Hyo’s and Jeon So Min’s relationships 

More often than not, the relationship status of these two actresses are a hot topic. 

As the two sole female cast members on “Running Man”, Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min are often paired with other male members of the show. As fun as it is, how are their real-life romances? 

Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min – two “roses” of Running Man – Image: Running Man 

1.Song Ji Hyo

Having been a part of Running Man for more than a decade, Song Ji Hyo are in two “pairings”. The first “ship” was with rapper Kang Garry when the two share sentimental moments, creating extreme chemical reactions on-screen and formed a legendary “Monday couple”. 

After Kang Gary left Running Man and announced marriage, Song Ji Hyo was paired with Kim Jong Kook but they only considered the other to be siblings. 

The “Monday couple” of Running Man – Image: Running Man 
Song Ji Hyo Kim Jong Kook
After Kang Gary left, Song Ji Hyo was “shipped” with Kim Jong Kook – Image: Running Man 

Actress Song also participated in the Chinese version of “We Got Married” and her fake husband was the Taiwanese star Chen Bolin. 

Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo was also in the Chinese “We Got Married” – Image: We Got Married 

In reality, Song Ji Hyo publicly dated Baek Chang Joo – CEO of her former management company in 2011. However, they declared breaking up after. Song Ji Hyo has not publicly dated anyone else. 

Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo made public her relationship with the CEO of her former agency – Image: Dispatch 

At her 40s, Song Ji Hyo is still single. When asked about marriage, actress Song said she would not dare to date someone in the industry so she only has “one out of hundred thousands of chances to find my other half”. 

“I don’t particularly feel my age. For me, the only hard part of getting older is that you start to lose stamina. I actually feel like there’s a lot more things I can do now, which I like. There are things I wasn’t able to try in the past that I think I can try now… I’m really enjoying my life now, so unless I meet someone for whom I’d be willing to change my lifestyle and daily routine, I don’t plan on getting married”, said the actress. 

song ji hyo instagram
Song Ji Hyo is still single – Image: Song Ji Hyo’s Instagram 

2.Jeon So Min

On Running Man, Jeon So Min usually “ships” herself with Yang Se Chan to create a spark to the show. However they are good friends in real life. 

Despite the “shipping”, Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan are only friends – Image: Running Man 

In 2015, Jeon So Min publicly dated Yoon Hyun Min but broke up one year after with the “age-old” reason: busy schedules, no time together. 

According to their agencies, the two are still good friends and continue to support each other in work. After Yoon Hyun Min, the actress is said to meet someone else but does not go public. 

In many Running Man broadcasts, viewers often heard about Jeon So Min speaking of her ex. She said she was cheated and ignored when the two met on the streets. Fans of the show said she might be “loud” on-screen but kept her personal life quiet. 

jeon so min
Jeon So Min is quiet of her personal life – Image: Running Man

Source: K14

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