“Reborn Rich” Park Ji Hyun, is ballet the secret to her beauty?…That pose with that expression?

Actress Park Ji Hyun (28) revealed her recent situation in which she fell in love with ballet.

On Jan 19th, Park Ji Hyun shared 2 photos and left only a cute emoticon without any special caption.

Park Ji-hyun

These are mirror selfies taken in the ballet practice room. The first photo is a close-up of Park Ji Hyun’s face. She covers her face with her phone and only slightly reveals her eyes, but her extraordinary beauty cannot be covered. The second photo is a selfie taken while she is stretching her legs. It is surprising to see Park Ji Hyun’s outstanding flexibility. Park Ji Hyun’s relaxed expression, which is quite different from her high-level posture, suggests how much sweat and effort she has put into ballet. Fans also praised her beauty and flexibility.

Park Ji-hyun

Park Ji Hyun won the public’s love through JTBC’s drama “Reborn Rich“. Mo Hyun Min (played by Park Ji Hyun) is the only daughter of Hyunsung Ilbo’s owner, the wife of Jin Seong Jun (played by Kim Nam Hee) and the sister-in-law of Jin Do Jun (played by Song Joong Ki). Among fans, she was nicknamed “the sister-in-law of a conglomerate”.

Source: Nate

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