“The Glory” Cha Joo Young, “I gained weight to portray Choi Hye Jung, who received breast surgery ”

Actress Cha Joo Young revealed several behind-the-scenes stories about Netflix’s original series “The Glory”.

On January 19th, Youtube channel ‘Allure Korea’ uploaded a video titled “Originally, it was not a white dress… Unveiled for the first time! ‘The Glory’ drama behind story revealed by actress Cha Joo Young”

Introducing “The Glory”, Cha Joo Young said, “It’s a drama about a friend who suffered through school violence planning a revenge that took countless years and finally ends up confronting each of the guilty and making them pay for it”.

Cha Joo Young

Referring to her role Choi Hye Jung, the actress said, “She’s a stewardess. We have 5 guilties in the drama and she’s like the 4th ranking among them. She wants to hang out with her rich friends but her environment doesn’t allow her to do so. She tries hard to catch them up. She comes out as a daughter of the laundry place”.

Explaining the process of portraying Choi Hye Jung, Cha Joo Young revealed that she was involved in everything, from outfits to hairstyles.

Cha Joo Young

When asked to say a word to Choi Hye Jung, the actress said, “Hye Jung, wear the right clothes and hold bags according to your status. All the things you do will return to you. Repent your acts”.

Cha Joo Young also revealed her tips to keep in shape. The actress shared, “When I acted as Hye Jung, I gained weight. The character itself was someone who received breast surgery so I thought that I couldn’t go out like that but thankfully a lot of people liked it”, adding “So when we filmed ‘The Glory’, I didn’t control my diet. I tried to maintain that so that I wouldn’t gain or lose weight. I think I’m going back these days by going to the gym”.

Source: Nate

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