“We’re not actually dating,” netizens are digging back G-Dragon’s explanation regarding his dating rumor in the past

The explanation posted by G-Dragon of BIGBANG after his dating rumor with BoA got spread is being re-examined.

Recently, an article titled “Explanation during G-Dragon-BoA’s romantic relationship” was posted on an online community.

In the past, G-Dragon was embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship with BoA in 2002, even before his debut with BIGBANG. At that time, G-Dragon was gaining popularity as a YG Entertainment trainee. According to the report, the two had many things in common, such as starting their trainee lives early as a child, through which they developed into lovers.


But G-Dragon denied this by posting a lengthy post on his fan cafe. “Everyone knows that I have been a fan of BoA since a long time ago. Because I’m still young. But I have also grown up a lot. Anyway, we both debuted when we were young and we know what each other is like the most.”


He continued to explain, “That’s it. That’s all that I mean and I’m sorry if it made you feel bad. Please think about the feelings of the person that each of us truly likes”, adding, “Also, I’m practicing hard to show you good performances at YG. I’m still young, so please look forward to me. That’s all I want to say.”


Internet users who saw this post were really surprised. G-Dragon has never come up with a particular position despite being embroiled in dating rumors many times after making his debut with BIGBANG. In addition, G-Dragon’s lovely charm felt through his past writing was what caught the attention of netizens since it is completely contrary to his current image.

Netizens commented,

  • “So Kwon Ji-yong, who always keeps things mysterious, also has a past like that. How amazing”
  • “GD, you really had a romantic relationship at the age of 14?”
  • “What a new combination”
  • “His way of speaking was a bit childish. This is so interesting”
  • “The part he said he did grow up a lot sounds so funny”
  • “His way of speaking is so cute”, etc. 

Source: Wikitree

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