Lee Jong-seok shocked at the appearance of the second-in-command in Big Mouse’s organization at Yang Hyung-wook’s funeral (Big Mouth)

The second most powerful person in the organization after Big Mouse will be revealed.

In the new episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” (created by Jang Young-chul, Jung Kyung-sun/ scripted by Kim Ha-ram/ directed by Oh Chung-hwan), which is scheduled to air on September 9th, Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok) will attend the funeral of Big Mouse.

Earlier, Park Chang-ho found out that Big Mouse, the king of the dark world, was Noh Park (Yang Hyung-wook). He then returned to his position as a lawyer and stole the spotlight. The status of Park Chang-ho, who used to be a “dirt spoon” lawyer, has now changed 190 degrees. In addition, he volunteered to become the lawyer for the genius conman Big Mouse, drawing public attention with his shocking move. 

However, the fact that Big Mouse was killed in a mysterious explosion as soon as he was released on bail shocked everyone. In the unexpected incident, Park Chang-ho’s plan to catch NR Forum and the people behind it is inevitably put on hold.

In the recently released still cuts, Park Chang-ho is seen with a solemn expression as if he is trying to hide his grief at Big Mouse’s funeral. Through Park Chang-ho’s sorrowful eyes, his deep condolences for Noh Park, the kind roommate in prison who shared warm and unforgettable memories with him before being revealed as Big Mouse, can be seen clearly. 

In addition, Park Yoon-gap (Jeong Jae-sung), who served as a close aide to Big Mouse, and other members of the organization also appear at the funeral, revealing the actual size of Big Mouse organization that has been hidden all this time. In addition, Big Mouse’s right-hand man and second-in-command will also show up, giving Park Chang-ho a great shock as if someone hits the back of his head.

In the current situation in which Park Chang-ho has just declared a war against the large power group that is controlling Gucheon city, the death of Big Mouse, who was to be the biggest helper, becomes a disadvantage that requires Park Chang-ho to have a more detailed and thorough plan. As a result, attention is focused on the fight between Park Chang-ho, who is facing the variables due to Big Mouse’s death, and the powerful class in Gucheon city. The new episode will air at 9:50 p.m on September 9th. 

Source: daum

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