Jang Wonyoung made everyone laugh with this “accident” when IVE won 1st place on The Show 

A moment of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung on “The Show” became a hot topic. 

On the September 6th broadcast of SBS MTV’s “The Show”, IVE won 1st place with “After LIKE”. As a result, IVE has collected a total of six music show wins during this comeback. 

IVE members said in their acceptance speech on “The Show”, “Thank you to our family, company staff, and our beloved DIVE. Thank you for giving us a good award and sending us so much love. We will do our best for the rest of the promotion, so please support us a lot.” 

IVE made a comeback on August 22nd with “After LIKE” and topped various music sites within a week of its release.

IVE’s debut song “ELEVEN” had 13 music show wins, including a triple crown from 3 public broadcasters. IVE’s first comeback title track “LOVE DIVE” had 10 wins. Combined with “After LIKE”, IVE has bagged a total of 29 trophies from music shows in less than a year of debut.

In particular, after IVE received the No. 1 trophy from “The Show” MC, a chaotic situation took place when Jang Wonyoung accidentally broke the trophy. The crystal globe slipped out of IVE’s trophy and fell to the ground. Wonyoung’s bewildered expression followed by a lovely aegyo after this happened made everyone laugh and find her adorable. 

Source: daum

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