From Hong Soo-ah to Jessi, stars who confessed to plastic surgery but was hurt by following “malicious comments”

It is an era where stars no longer have to hide about plastic surgeries, but they are still suffering from malicious comments.

Celebrities have to hide that they did plastic surgery” is now a very old-fashioned saying. Celebrities who confidently confessed to plastic surgery are also liked for their honest charm. However, they still cannot not avoid malicious comments about their appearance and are still suffering from comments that cross the line.

Actress Hong Soo-ah appeared as a new member on the SBS entertainment program “Kick A Goal” on Sep 7th.

On this day, Hong Soo-ah picked the sitcom “Nonstop 5” 18 years ago as her heyday.

Her face now is different from that of her heyday. Earlier, Hong Soo-ah confessed to having done plastic surgery, saying, “I don’t regret it.” When she started her career in China, she underwent double eyelid and nose surgery. After those, she became a hot topic because she looked like Fan Bingbing, a famous Chinese actress.

Hong Soo-ah was satisfied with her plastic surgery. Formerly a supporting actor, she got casted as the main role for works after upgrading her appearance. She has starred in several films in China. In an interview with Ten Asia, Hong Soo-ah said, “I’m personally satisfied with my face right now. I used to be a supporting actress, but now I can finally show various images of me as well.”

However, Hong Soo-ah has been suffering from malicious comments since confessing to plastic surgery. She was criticized for ruining her unique and cute face to become a face that Chinese people like. She said, “Everyone seems to hate me for having plastic surgery on my face. I guess they still don’t like me even if I do well. They all swear at me,” she shared.

Jessi is a celebrity who admitted to having done plastic surgery more confidently than anyone else. She even mentioned her “breast” surgery, which can be difficult for female celebrities, on entertainment shows without hesitation. She also garnered hot responses by releasing photos in which she boldly exposed her body on Instagram.

Jessi, who was loved for her honest and outspoken charm, also received malicious comments. Haters left hurtful comments such as “Her excessive lip filler is disgusting”, “She is like a plastic surgery monster” and “She looks awkward.”

Regarding this, Jessi responded, “I did it because I like it. They say I look ugly with fillers, but this is my face. It’s okay if I’m satisfied with it. I’m a strong woman because I have a strong mind, but of course I’m still hurt by malicious comments regarding plastic surgery.”

Malicious comments about plastic surgery directed at celebrities are not new. Actress Kwak Jin-young has been receiving negative comments about her double eyelid surgery for 20 years. Many felt bad for her when she shared, “It’s very tiring and honestly, it hurts me. If you search my name on the Internet, you can see keywords like ‘plastic surgery addiction’, ‘Gat kimchi (pickled leaf mustard kimchi)’ and ‘plastic surgery’.”

Plastic surgery does not cause inconvenience to others or any social controversy. The people involved in plastic surgery achieve their dream through plastic surgery and are satisfied with their successful image transformation, but haters are hurting them with malicious criticism.

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