Top 6 “Fancam kings and queens” of Kpop 4th gen: ITZY, aespa, IVE all enter the top but No.1 is this female idol 

Here are six 4th generation idols with the most fancams exceeding 1 million views in Kpop.

Individual fancams are one of the popular ways of promotion for Kpop idols of today’s generation. Through these fancams, fans can watch their idols up close, see every expression and dance movement of their bias on stage.

In the 3rd generation of Kpop, there are many idols who are labeled “fancam kings and queens” thanks to their collections of million-viewed performance videos such as Jimin – V (BTS), Jennie (BLACKPINK), Hani (EXID),… Moving onto the 4th generation, many popular idols also follow the footsteps of their seniors, drawing great attention through viral fancams.

Here are the Top 6 4th generation idols who own the most fancams with over 1 million views at the moment:

4th place: Wonyoung (IVE)

Although IVE is only a 2-month old rookie, the number of Wonyoung’s solo fancams is not small because she already debuted once in IZ*ONE before. Having pretty visuals and a good stage presence, Wonyoung’s fancams easily attract many viewers. 

Up to now, the visual center of IVE group has a total of 13 fancams with over 1 million views. Wonyoung’s most watched fancam is the performance video of the song “So Curious” (IZ*ONE) which has recorded about 6 and a half million views.

Top 6 "Fancam kings and queens" of Kpop 4th gen
Wonyoung (IZ*ONE) – So Curious Fancam

3rd place: Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

As a top famous member in Stray Kids, and one of the most outstanding male idols of Kpop 4th generation, Hyunjin excellently became the only male idol in this list. 

Being involved in a controversy over school violence could not stop Hyunjin from surpassing his peers to make it into the Top fancam kings of the 4th generation. He has 14 fancams with over 1 million views. The most viewed Hyunjin’s fancam is the cover of Psycho (Red Velvet) with nearly 9 million views up to this point. 

Top 6 "Fancam kings and queens" of Kpop 4th gen
Hyunjin (Stray Kids) – Psycho cover Fancam (Music Bank June 26, 2020)

3rd place: Karina (aespa)

Sharing 3rd place with Hyunjin is aespa‘s leader Karina.  She also has 14 fancams that exceed 1 million views, but Karina’s most watched fancam has a more humble view count compared to Hyunjin, only about 3 million. However, this is still an impressive achievement of Karina, considering that aespa has just been launched for only a year and 3 months and the group has yet to have many promotion stages. 

Top 6 "Fancam kings and queens" of Kpop 4th gen
Karina (aespa) – Next Level Fancam (M!COUNTDOWN 3/6/2021)

2nd place: Winter (aespa)

Karina may be a member who gets a lot of attention from the public because of her unique visuals, but Winter seems to have a stronger and more loyal fandom. The proof is that even though she has only debuted for over a year, she has collected up to 21 fancams with over 1 million views.

In addition, her most famous fancam is the Step Back video, which has nearly reached 8 million views after just over a week of posting. It’s about to dethrone Ryujin’s fancam to become the most viewed fancam of a Gen 4 female idol.

Top 6 "Fancam kings and queens" of Kpop 4th gen
Winter (GOT The Beat) – Step Back Fancam (M!COUNTDOWN January 27, 2022)

2nd place: Ryujin (ITZY)

Center group ITZY is the owner of the fancam with the most views of a 4th generation Kpop idol, specifically the WANNABE performance video with 11 million views, far ahead of many other famous colleagues.

This achievement was something anyone could have predicted. Not only because Ryujin‘s shoulder-shake choreography has been viral for a long time, but also because the female idol is highly appreciated by experts and netizens for her stage presence and charisma on stage.

Top 6 "Fancam kings and queens" of Kpop 4th gen
Ryujin (ITZY) – WANNABE Fancam

1st place: Soojin (former (G)I-DLE member)

In terms of reputation, (G)I-DLE is hard to compare with idols from big companies like ITZY and aespa, but Soojin‘s own charm is enough to make her have million-view fancams. The “new generation sexy queen” has 24 fancams with over 1 million views. Besides, her cover of the song “Senorita“, which once caused a craze on social networks has attracted more than 5 million views, becoming one of the most legendary videos of the female idol.

The school violence scandal that shook the entertainment industry in 2021 destroyed Soojin’s career and caused her to leave (G)I-DLE in regret.

Top 6 "Fancam kings and queens" of Kpop 4th gen
Soojin (former (G)I-DLE member) – Senorita Fancam (M!COUNTDOWN March 14, 2019)Soojin


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