Lisa (BLACKPINK) updated in France: still looking beautiful in messy hairs and boasting her doll-like body figure

This series of photos has rapidly gathered 4.3 million “hearts” for Lisa (BLACKPINK) in only a few hours.

The maknae of BLACKPINK is spending her time in Nice, France. The controversies over YG mistreating Lisa recently broke out since the company didn’t allow her to join the show of the brand she is working as an ambassador for due to pandemic concerns. Many fans were angry with YG, while others thought YG’s decision was understandable, blowing up an intense online argument. Amid the controversies, Lisa uploaded several photos taken when she was traveling to the sea. Thanks to her update, fans have finally calmed down.

In the released photos, although Lisa doesn’t put on thick makeup and her hair was messed up because of the wind, she still looks really cheerful, pretty, and happy. Specifically, a picture was taken in backlighting but still cannot hide her beautiful side profile and the perfect body figure. After being released, these photos immediately made headlines and helped Lisa gain 4.3 million likes in just a few hours.

With messy hair and light makeup, Lisa still looks exceptionally beautiful. Her big eyes and beautiful lips attracted the attention of fans. Especially, her natural nose bridge makes her face look more distinctive.
Not only Lisa’s facial features but her body figures are also outstanding. Even though she’s wearing an all-black suit, her doll-like side profile and perfect body lines are still revealed. Lisa also shows off her 90-degree shoulders and ant waist in this shot.
Although she didn’t reveal her face, this shot still looks like a work of art
Lisa’s cute face aroused fans’ attention and helped her gathered 4.3 million ‘hearts’
Many fangirls also envy Lisa’s long legs and slim body

At the moment, Lisa is in Europe, but she couldn’t join the show of the brand she is an ambassador for because YG was worried about the serious pandemic situation in this country. However, many fans considered YG’s action as mistreating Lisa and caused an online argument to break out.

Source: K14

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