An British man attracts attention for trying to be a trully Korean

Furthermore, Oli London claims to be a great fan of Jimin and has attempted to get plastic surgery to look like the BTS member.

On the 6th (local time), The British ITV “This Morning” invited Oli London, an influencer who had plastic surgery to become a Korean.

Oli London said in the program, “If I could be a Korean citizen, I would be willing to serve in the military.”

Regarding his surgery journey to be a Korean, Oli London shared: “I fell in love with Korean culture nine years ago when I was an English teacher in Korea. From then on, I started getting plastic surgery to look like a Korean. Then I fell in love with BTS Jimin and finally had surgery to become a Korean.”

“I’ve been feeling trapped in the wrong body for the past nine years. While living in Korea, I thought of myself as a Korean, and I felt like Korea was my true home,” he said. I wasn’t born in Korea, but I felt I should have been born in Korea.”

He also said that he will do everything to be able to truly become a Korean citizen. Oli London said, “I am trying to become a Korean citizen. Korean men are obligated to serve in the military for two years. If you can become a Korean citizen, you can join the military. If I could become a Korean, I would do anything.”

On the other hand, Oli London gained fame as it was known that he had undergone more than 18 plastic surgeries to resemble Jimin, a member of BTS. He recently revealed that she underwent ‘race reassignment surgery,’ and also claims to be Korean, which is gaining more attention.

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