The actor, who had no news after the divorce, had a surprising update

Actor Lee Dong-gun will appear in front of the public through a drama for the first time after two years.

Recently, Lee Dong-gun was cast as Jin Tae-jeon in the original Netflix series Celebrity. Lee Dong-gun has not been active since the musical “Bodyguard” that ended in February 2020. It is the first time in about three years that he has appeared in a drama since TV Chosun’s “Leverage: Fraud Control Operation” in 2019.

lee dong gun

Celebrity is said to center around the lives of those in the emerging “celebrity” class, as well as those who envy them. The series will explore the fears, pain, and desires of those surrounding this world of celebrities.

lee dong gun

Lee Dong Gun is playing lawyer and Yoon Si Hyun’s husband – Jin Tae Jeon. The character of Jin Tae Jeon played by Lee Dong-gun is a person who does everything for his purpose. He will add immersion to the drama by bumping into the character “Ari” played by Park Kyu-young.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong-gun divorced in 2020, three years after marrying fellow actor Cho Yoon-hee in 2017.

Source: wikitree

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