“YG did that again”… Fans rage at YG’s announcement of TREASURE’s activities along with Bang Yedam and Mashiho’s hiatus

YG Entertainment is being criticized for being inconsiderate towards fans of the boy group TREASURE. 

On May 27th, YG Entertainment announced in a press release that the boy group TREASURE has started preparing for a new album with the goal to make another comeback this summer and hold their second concert. 


However, at the end of the statement, YG added that members Bang Yedam and Mashiho will suspend their future activities, saying: “Bang Yedam decided to concentrate on his music studies for a certain period of time to strengthen his producing abilities. Mashiho, who is on vacation in Japan, asked for an extension due to health reasons and decided to spend more time with his family. “

“After sufficient discussion with the Treasure members, we decided to give the two members more rest, so we ask for your understanding and support from the fans,” YG concluded. 

As a result, TREASURE will continue their activities with a 10-member line up, including Choi Hyunseok, Jihoon, Yoshi, Junkyu, Yoon Jaehyuk, Asahi, Doyoung, Haruto, Park Jungwoo, and So Junghwan. This is the group’s first change in lineup ever since their debut in August 2020. 

Fans all across the world are sending messages of support to Bang Yedam, who made a difficult decision after much consideration, and Mashiho, who is suffering from health problems.

However, they had issues with the cold manner in which YG delivered the news. Although the majority of Treasure-related news has been delivered through YG’s official Twitter, Treasure’s official Twitter, and Treasure’s official fan community platform Weverse, this press release isn’t distributed on any official channels, despite its contents regarding member activities that are important and sensitive to fans.

The fandom of TREASURE is currently in shock after hearing the such serious news belatedly through the media instead of on more familiar channels. As of the moment, YG still hasn’t posted anything on their fans-related platforms.

Responding to YG’s action, fans have been saying things like “YG did it again”, “YG doesn’t know how to write a notice”, “How can you announce comeback preparation and activity suspension in the same post?”, “Why are they announcing a member’s illness and a comeback at the same time?”. and calling YG “a rude” agency that “has no manners”

This is not the first time YG treated Treasure Makers (fandom of TREASURE) coldly. On February 15th, TREASURE released their first mini album “THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER ONE”, and promoted their title song “JIKJIN” on music programs. 

On March 23rd, YG announced plans to have the group promote their B-side “DARARI” starting mid-April, after the end of “JIKJIN”’s promotions, due to explosive response and unexpected viralness of the song. 

However, “DARARI” promotions were suddenly canceled, and even now, YG hasn’t explained the reason officially. Members of TREASURE even had to tell fans the sad news themselves. 

Source: nate

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