“Sakura has improved a lot”… LE SSERAFIM’s live singing performance on “Music Bank” is drawing attention

LE SSERAFIM made headlines with their perfect live performance.

LE SSERAFIM appeared on KBS-2TV’s “Music Bank”, which aired on May 27th. 

The girl group sang their debut song “Fearless” and performed powerful choreography. Huh Yun-jin was in charge of the intro part instead of Kim Ga-ram, who is currently suspending activities. 

Le Sserafim

Kim Chae-won and other members also sang their parts live.

What drew attention was that the sounds of the members breathing while dancing could be heard clearly. In particular, friction sounds every time they swung their arms in the air were delivered through the live singing broadcast, making netizens question “Isn’t it a broadcasting accident?”.

le sserafim chaewon

Since LE SSERAFIM is a rookie group, they are not required to perform the live singing too seriously. Moreover, the choreography of “Fearless” is said to include complicated dances and movements.

The members’ mistakes were noticed sometimes, but in general, they received many positive reviews.

le sserafim sakura

Above all, netizens praised the live singing skills of Sakura and Kim Chae-won, who have many experiences of being girl group idols. 

le sserafim

Therefore, many people are looking forward to seeing the members with improved skills on their next stages.

le sserafim

Source: dispatch

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