The moment when EXO Chanyeol, who joined the military without much meaning, decided to become a “true soldier”

The current status of EXO Chanyeol, who is serving in the military, has been reported.

According to Kookbang Ilbo, Corporal Chanyeol, who is serving in the Red Golden Bat Battalion of the 9th Infantry Division, visited the Daejeon National Cemetery to commemorate the 11th death anniversary of his grandfather and senior comrade Park Jun-geun.

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On October 29th, 1950, when the Korean War was in full swing, the late Park Jun-geun fought as a second lieutenant at the age of 19. He was injured in the process, and received two Hwarang Military Merit during the war alone. He also participated in the Vietnam War.

The current status of EXO Chanyeol

Chanyeol, who had often heard about his grandfather’s participation in the war since he was young, was worried ahead of his enlistment. Chanyeol confessed, “I thought that my enlistment was different from a great soldier like my grandfather. I accept it as ‘a place that every Korean man goes to’.”

Meanwhile, Chanyeol found out something surprising during an interview with the battalion commander. His grandfather’s name was written on the 21st battalion commander’s plaque on the wall of the battalion commander’s room.

Chanyeol knew that his grandfather and his working unit were the same, and from that moment on, he decided to become a “true soldier”. Afterwards, Chanyeol, who has been challenging special forces since he was a private, achieved this right from private first class.

Chanyeol, who served as a second lieutenant of the PZF-III, participated in the weekly night shooting and performed his duties skillfully. Currently, Chanyeol is playing the role of Raman in the army’s creative musical “Blue Helmet: The Meissa’s song”.

Chanyeol expressed his ambition, “After seeing the announcement of the musical audition, I applied because I wanted to devote myself to the country by using my skills and experiences. I’ll do my best for the rest of my military life following my grandfather’s patriotism.”

Meanwhile, Chanyeol is scheduled to be discharged from the military in September.

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