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Sandara Park “During high school days, I got dumped because my crush said he liked glamorous girls”

Park So-hyun and Sandara Park revealed episodes from their school days.

On Oct 26th, episode 16 of “Ladies With No Appetite” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “HeungManeul Studio”.

Sandara Park

Sandara Park brought up the past, saying, “When you open it, letters would fall out, or that’s what you wished for. I put it into the boys’ lockers.”

Park So-hyun asked, “Did they not accept?” Sandara Park answered, “Yes, he said he liked glamorous girls. Is that even possible for a high school kid?”

Sandara Park

Hearing this, Park So-hyun made everyone laugh by responding, “It does make sense. I’m sorry, Dara.”

Meanwhile, Sandara Park, who appeared in a school uniform, asked Park So-hyun, “Were you popular when you were at Seonhwa Art High School?”

Sandara Park

Park So-hyun confessed, “I didn’t engage in human relationships. I was an outsider. There were 7 kids who did ballet. 6 other girls except for me went on blind date.”

Sandara Park doubted, “Is it possible that it’s because you rarely eat? You have to eat bread when you are at the bakery.”

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