22 years since “Tears of the Dragon”, an actress who played a minor role is now a shining star

The current situation of this actress, who played a concubine in the famous historical drama “Tears of the Dragon”, may surprise a lot of people. 

Recently, still cuts of the upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Curtain Call”, which will be aired for the first time on October 31st, a week after the end of “The Law Cafe” ended, havebeeen released. 

curtain call

“Curtain Call” features several people who are involved in the biggest fraud on earth, which is committed by a man (Kang Ha Neul), whose mission is to fulfill the wish of the grandmother Geum Soon (Go Doo Shim), who has little time left. 

In this drama, famous actress Ha Ji Won takes on the role of Park Se Yeon, the strong and warm-hearted owner of Hotel Paradise, who soughts to protect the family business run by her grandmother Geum Soon, showing intense grandchild chemistry and familial love. 

Ha Ji-won Curtain call

In the release still cuts, Ha Ji Won can be seen leaning on Go Doo Shim’s shoulder and holding her hand as if to console her, proving their affectionate nature and a somewhat lingering impression. 

As actresses who have proven their excellent acting skills through numerous works, Ha Ji Won and Go Doo Shim are expected to be a powerful combination with a next-level chemistry. 

Ha Ji-won

Ha Ji Won made her debut in 1996 in the KBS youth drama “New Generation Report: Adults Don’t Know”, and in 1998, appeared as a minor character in the famous historical drama “Tears of the Dragon”. Here, despite having limited screen time, Ha Ji Won delivered a strong performance. 

In the following year, Ha Ji Won gained attention in earnest, having starred as a rebel on the KBS 2TV drama “School 2”. She then earned the title of “horror queen” after her appearances in films like “Truth Game”, “Nightmare”, and “Phone”. 

Ha Ji-won

In 2002, the actress rose to stardom after co-starring with Im Chang Jung in the movie “Sex Is Zero”. She then established her name as a representative actress in Korea with an appearance in the 2003 drama “Damo”.

Ha Ji Won then scored a big hit with the 2004 series “What Happened in Bali”, where she worked alongside top actors Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub. 

Ha Ji Won

In 2007, Ha Ji Won, who is now considered a “rating guarantor” in the TV drama industry, reunited with Im Chang Jung in “Miracle on 1st Street”, and her 2009 movies “Tidal Wave” and “Closer to Heaven” attracted huge numbers of viewers.

On top of all that, Ha Ji Won’s 2012 work “Secret Garden” and 2013 project “Empress Ki” were both huge commercial successes, consolidating Ha Ji Won’s popularity and versatility as an actress.

ha ji won

Talking about Ha Ji Won, her co-star Go Doo Shim in “Curtain Call” said, “I wondered what it would be like to work with an actress who has never acted with me before, but our scenes together were filmed well. Just like in the drama, she feels like a beautiful granddaughter of mine, who keeps coming up to me, treats me well, and hugs me.”

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