Shin Ye Eun to make a 180-degree transformation from a bully in “The Glory” to a lovely mistress in “Romantic Guest House”

Actress Shin Ye Eun will prove her acting potential through the historical drama “Romantic Guest House”.

Shin Ye Eun will challenge the first historical drama acting in her career as Yoon Dan Oh, the owner of Ewhawon, in SBS’s new Mon-Tue “Romantic Guest House”. 

The drama (directed by Kim Jung Min/ written by Kwon Eum Mi & Kim Ja Hyun) tells the romance created by four people, the owner of the boarding house called Ewhawon (Guest Summer Palace) and three boarders with secrets. Its first episode will air on March 20th.

“Romantic Guest House” has drawn attention since its production stage as it is known to be a drama adaptation of a famous web novel of the same name and boasts a cast lineup of promising young actors, such as Shin Ye Eun, Ryeoun, Kang Hoon and Jung Gun Joo. Shin Ye Eun is also expected to continue her success with OTT works, such as “The Glory” and “Revenge of Others”, and create another lifetime character with her first historical drama acting performance. 

In the meantime, “Romantic Guest House” unveiled the first still cuts of Shin Ye Eun as Yoon Dan Oh. In the pictures, Yoon Dan Oh was smiling brightly and shaking a sign to promote Ewhawon. Her enthusiastic appearance when not missing a single person on the street to recruit boarders for Ewhawon caught the eyes of drama fans.

In particular, Shin Ye Eun impresses viewers with her visual in a beautiful hanbok and elegant hairstyle, boosting the expectation for her portrayal of Yoon Dan Oh, a new historical romance female lead image, to its peak. 

The production team said, “Shin Ye Eun plays Yoon Dan Oh, a livelihood mistress of the Joseon Dynasty. Shin Ye Eun’s experience and extraordinary expressive power, which amazes all the staff, will present emotions and laughter to viewers. We ask for your anticipation and interest in ‘Romantic Guest House’.”

Source: daum

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