“Single’s Inferno” Song Ji A and all the times she wears the same fashion items as BLACKPINK members

Song Ji A’s name keeps appearing next to BLACKPINK because of these coincidences. 

After Netflix’s reality dating show Single’s Inferno, Song Ji A became a breakout star. In addition to her pretty visuals, she draws attention for her chic and trendy fashion style. However, Ji A has recently stumbled into controversy over her using fake luxury items. Because of this, netizens discovered that Song Ji A often has “fashion clashes” with 4 members of BLACKPINK

Song Ji A copy BLACKPINK members
Song Ji A is constantly accused of using fake luxury items 

Song Ji A was found to be using fake products of designer brands. After that, the female influencer herself admitted, “As a person with a dream to open my own brand, I am aware of the controversial issue and will self-reflect. I will pay more attention so that things like this don’t happen again. I have removed all content that shows fake items. I sincerely apologize to the brands that have been affected by this issue.”

Song Ji A copy BLACKPINK members
Song Ji A admitted to using fakes

Fans are shocked by the fact that Song Ji A was indeed using fakes. Comparing many of her outfits or accessories, many netizens notice that Ji A is following Jennie‘s fashion style. For example, the main rapper of BLACKPINK once gained spotlight for her vintage Chanel crop top. After that, Ji A also posted a photo of her wearing the same shirt, but observant fans discovered that the color of Ji A’s shirt was different from the original.

Song Ji A copy BLACKPINK members
Noticeable difference between the two shirts 

There are also many other Chanel designs that Song Ji A “followed” Jennie, but they are all fake. Therefore, some netizens even label Song Ji A “the fake version of Jennie”.

Song Ji A copy BLACKPINK members
Ji A constantly wears the same clothes as Jennie. 

Not only wearing Jennie-style clothes, Song Ji A is also seen many times putting on the same fashion items as the other 3 members of BLACKPINK. In an appearance on a TV show, Ji A showed off her sweet beauty with a floral dress. This design was once worn by Rosé at BLACKPINK’s concert in Fukuoka. After learning that this dress is a design of Lang N Lu, netizens also expressed doubts about the authenticity of Ji A’s dress.

Song Ji A copy BLACKPINK members
People suspect that Ji A continues to wear fake designer clothes.
Song Ji A copy BLACKPINK members
Ji A shows off her beauty in a dress that looks like Rosé’s.

Not long ago, the female YouTuber also “clashed” with Lisa over a popcorn shirt. Instead of wearing the whole set like Ji A, the youngest member of BLACKPINK styled the shirt with a dynamic pair of black jeans. Although they styled in different ways, they are both very beautiful and exude an extravagant aura.

Song Ji A copy BLACKPINK members
She continues to wear the same clothes as Lisa. 

Recently, Song Ji A’s post of promoting Dior perfume caused a stir on the social networks again. Through pictures on her personal Instagram, people discovered that she used the fake designer goods in the advertisement post for the brand. Accordingly, the Dior bag that Ji A used is commented to have many different details compared to the original. This bag model has been used before by Jisoo, Dior’s global ambassador.

Song Ji A copy BLACKPINK members
The Lady Dior bag that she used.
Song Ji A copy BLACKPINK members
Jisoo was given this bag model by Dior brand.

Immediately after this information was spread, the post on Song Ji A’s personal page was deleted. After that, her management agency confirmed, “It is true that we have deleted the advertising post for Dior perfume. We will check whether the Lady Dior bag is a counterfeit and reply on this later”.

Song Ji A copy BLACKPINK members
Many viewers were surprised by her repeated encounters with fake goods.

A series of the above incidents have made many netizens disappointed about Song Ji A. Before that, she was known as being both rich and talented in the eyes of the audience. However, so far, her using fake designer products to mimic BLACKPINK is what reminds the audience of her.


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