Dynamic Duo Choiza to marry a non-celebrity woman in July 

Choiza (real name Choi Jae Ho), a member of hip hop group Dynamic Duo, will be getting married to a non-celebrity this year. 

On February 17th, Dynamic Duo member Choiza published a post on his Instagram, announcing his upcoming marriage. In particular, the hip hop artist wrote:


“Hello, this is Choiza.

At this time when the bitterly cold winter has passed and the faint spirit of spring can be felt, I opened a notepad to deliver good news to everyone who cares for me and loves me.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s comfortable or because I’m used to it, but I’ve been walking alone for a long time, and I’ve lived believing that I’ll continue to do so. However, I met a person who stopped me from wandering aimlessly. She is a charming woman with a simple smile who I met casually through a close acquaintance and who looked at me warmly, staying by my side in both difficult and joyous times. When I’m with her, I feel unpretentious and comfortable like with an old friend, and she adds a cozy sense of stability to my rather dynamic life.

Now, the two of us are going to walk together toward a new goal of a harmonious family. I think the time will be in July of this year. We will hold hands tightly, love, and live happily like now.

Thank you for reading to the end of this long, rambling post. I hope you will cheer for the future of the two of us, who are starting anew. I love you.”

Regarding the announcement, an official from Choiza’s agency, Amoeba Culture told News 1, “It is true that Choiza will marry his non-celebrity fiancé in July.”

Meanwhile, Choiza debuted as a member of hip-hop trio CB Mass in 2000. In 2004, he became a member of Dynamic Duo, alongside Gaeko, gaining huge popularity.

Source: Nate

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