aespa Karina was teased and called a giraffe when she was young

Karina, a member of girl group aespa, shocked everyone by revealing that she had a complex because of her small head.

On May 19th, Karina appeared on the YouTube show “My Alcohol Diary”, and had an honest conversation with MC Lee Young Ji.

On the same day, Lee Young Ji continuously marveled at Karina‘s unrealistically outstanding beauty. In particular, Lee Young Ji was surprised after measuring Karina’s face size with her fingers, and asked Karina, “Were you born with the small head?”

In response to Lee Young Ji’s question, Karina surprised everyone by replying, “My sister also has a small face. (So) it was kind of complex for my whole family. I got teased because I looked like a giraffe at an elementary school.”

Shocked at the response, Lee Young Ji said, “I think people who criticize you in that way. They don’t have mirrors at home”, adding that they might be the type of people who tease in front and despair alone in the back.

Lee Young Ji also wished that Karina wouldn’t care too much about these people and what they said, to which Karina answered coolly, “It doesn’t hurt me so much”.

Source: Insight 

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