BTS is still under the management of Big Hit, only the name of the holding company will be changed

BTS will still be under the management of Big Hit and the old logo may still be used in the group’s upcoming music videos.

Recently, the fan community is extremely surprised and a little dissatisfied with the news that BTS‘s management company, Big Hit Entertainment will officially change their name, redirect their activities to another field.  Specifically, the new name of the company will be HYBE Corporation with the slogan We Believe In Music.  However, will HYBE directly manage BTS in the future?

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However, BTS will still be under the management of Big Hit and the group’s upcoming MVs will most likely keep the old logo.  The change between Big Hit Entertainment and HYBE Corporation only affected the group’s holding company.  In other words, from this point on, HYBE will manage both the sub-labels (Big Hit, Source Music, Belif +) and the business (beNX, superb, …) that Big Hit Entertainment used to take on.

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As for Big Hit, this subsidiary will still manage the two boy groups TXT and BTS, in the near future it may be the management company of the girl groups.  The above information has made BTS’s fan community feel more satisfied because, after all, Big Hit is a big brand.

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Let’s wait and see BTS’s future activities!

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