Chinese visuals that have been missed by SM

Hou Minghao, Xing Zhaolin and more are popular actors in China and they were all trainees of SM.

Hou Minghao

Minghao is the name that is recently popular for his role in the drama “When We Were Young” as the male lead of Hua Biao, a guy with excellent academic performance, rebellious charisma and is becoming the new rising star of China.

Minghao was a trainee at SM for about a year but left the company to develop his career in his hometown. He continuously participated in reality shows, filmed web dramas and is gradually recognized as one of the potential rookies of Chinese film industry.

He was born in 1997 and has many memorable projects, such as Suspect X with Alec Su as the director and Ruby Lin as the female lead, Cambrian period (with Zhou Yutong and Mike He). In addition to his acting ability, Hao also showed his dance skills on television shows. Many fans feel regretful when SM lost a potential factor for a boy group in the Chinese market.

Li Hong Yi

Being in “Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me,” the dram which once created a fever in 2017 thanks to the young, beautiful actors and the not new but still attractive Prince – Cinderella storyline, Li Hong Yi gradually gathered attention due to his cold beauty, which is said to be similar to Yang Yang’s.

The 1998-born star was selected by SM and after 3 months of practice, Li Hong Yi decided to stop because of the pressure. He returned to China, attended Hunan Channel’s reality show called X-Change and became popular.

Li Hong Yi has played a minor role in a series of works: Intouchable, Yesterday Once More, Huo Qubing, etc… before becoming the male lead. The actor is often given the role of a wealthy boy but in reality he was independent since early days and once bullied while still in school.

Xu Jiaqi

Although not widely promoted, Legend of Yunxi got a high rating and received many rejoices in 2018. Xu Jiaqi also attracted attention with her character Chu Qingge. She is a member of the idol group SNH48.

Xu Jiaqi learned ballet since her childhood and went to Korea to auditon for SM but failed. The singer born in 1995 then back to China, joined SNH48 – the sister group with AKB48.

Xu Jiaqi is said to have the girl crush aura and attractive performing style and suit Kpop makeup. Many Korean fans also regretted that SM missed this impressive visual.

Zhou Yan Chen

Zhou Yan Chen was born in 1996 and has been in the live show Produce 101 in the Chinese version. He was a trainee of SM but left the company before debut.

Despite not being in the top 11, Zhou Yan Chen still has a respectable number of fans. He is mainly involved in advertising, taking photos for magazines and releasing songs.

Xing Zhaolin

The Eternal Love” is one of many dramas with terrible view ratings in the Chinese market. As the second season was broadcasting, the producer announced that there would be a third season with the cast remaining unchanged. Xing Zhaolin (born in 1997) plays the lead role of Mo Lian Cheng, the 8th prince.

In 2013, Xing Zhaolin became a trainee of SM. After leaving the company, the boy returned home and appeared in some little-known projects. In “Princess Agents“, Xing Zhaolin played the role of Yue Qi – the closest guard of the male lead Yuwen Yue (Lin Gengxin). Despite not being a main character, the appearance of this character is quite a lot. This is the role that helps him to shine.

Xing Zhaolin is famous for acting in ancient dramas, but many argue that he is more suited for modern roles. The boy has special one-lid eyes, a high nose and looks like Yang Yang at some angles.


Bii is one of the most popular singers in Taiwan. He is considered the “king of ost” and always has concerts with tickets sold out quickly. Bii also participated in acting and was remembered for his role in the drama “Bromance” in 2016.

The singer’s name is Bii Bishujujin, born on July 7th, 1989. He was a trainee of SM but was opposed by his mother. Bii signed a contract with the Eagles Music and went to Taiwan to settle down.

Source: iOne

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