“The Witch 2” topped the box office for 2 days in a row despite mixed reviews

This summer’s most anticipated movie, “The Witch: Part 2. The Other One”, lives up to its reputation.

According to the Korean Film Council’s integrated computer network on June 17th, the movie “The Witch: Part 2. The Other One (The Witch 2)” topped the box office for 2 consecutive days.

the witch 2

“The Witch 2” attracted 177,964 moviegoers nationwide on June 16th, recording a cumulative audience of 448,845.

“The Witch 2”, which rose to the top by defeating “The Roundup“, is an action movie telling the story that happens when forces appear in front of the “girl” (played by Shin Si-ah), who takes her first step into the world after surviving alone in a devastated secret laboratory, and chase her for different purposes. 


Director Park Hoon-jung, who was behind the success of “New World” and “Night in Paradise”, and the original production crew of “The Witch” returned to join hands and make “The Witch 2”, raising viewers’ expectations even before its release.

In fact, “The Witch 2” beat “The Roundup” and Hollywood’s highly-anticipated movie “Top Gun: Maverick” to top the reservation rate from June 14th, one day before its official release. This early achievement signaled another box-office success.

the witch 2

The moviegoers who watched “The Witch 2” on the first premiere day (June 15th) responded, “The action scenes were so spectacular that I couldn’t take my eyes off them“, “I was totally immersed in the movie“, “I suddenly forgot about time while watching it“…

Netizens also praised the special appearance of Kim Da-mi, who played the female lead Ja-yoon with superpowers in “The Witch”.

the witch 2

However, some are saying, “The scale this time is bigger than the previous one, but the story is distracting,” and “It’s kinda awkward because there’s a lot of unnecessary swearing.”

Despite the mixed reviews, all eyes are still on what kind of result “The Witch 2,” which is ruling the theater in June, will receive in the future.

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