Down Syndrome actress Jung Eun-hye talks about the changes in her life after starring in “Our Blues”

Actress Jung Eun-hye, who impressed the public with her performance as Young-hee, the character with Down Syndrome, in tvN’s drama “Our Blues”, said she realized her popularity.

On June 17th, Jung Eun-hye delivered her recent status and told a deep story in an interview with Sports Donga.

In particular, Jung Eun-hye, who has Down Syndrome in real life, revealed that people’s attitudes toward her changed after she appeared in “Our Blues”. 

Jung Eun-hye shocked everyone when she confessed the inconvenience she suffered before appearing in “Our Blues”, saying, “Before I starred in the drama, some people touched me or sexually harassed me when I took the subway alone. I was really sad”.

The actress then continued, “But now I feel happy when I’m with people. They all say nice things to me”, mentioning the positive changes.

Jung Eun-hye talks about the changes in her life

Film director Seo Dong-il, Jung Eun-hye’s father, also emphasized that people’s perception of Down Syndrome has changed a lot since the drama was broadcast. He added, “Then and now, Eun-hye is still the same. However, I could feel the magical power of culture and arts when I watched how people’s gazes and perceptions change thanks to the drama.”

jung eun hye

Jung Eun-hye is expected to convey a deep echo to the audience through director Seo Dong-il’s documentary movie “Your Face”, which is scheduled to premiere on June 23rd.

The actress shared, “Movies featuring people with developmental disabilities often tell dark and uncomfortable stories. However, I want to make a bright movie in which I can introduce myself as an attractive artist, not a person with a developmental disability”, explaining her unique intention.

Jung Eun-hye

Director Seo Dong-il also expressed his anticipation, saying, “I feel so grateful about the current situation. Through this movie, I hope people with developmental disabilities can go around in the society without fear and anxiety.”

Jung Eun-hye

Meanwhile, Jung Eun-hye also thanked actress Han Ji-min and actor Kim Woo-bin for always taking good care of her when they filmed “Our Blues” together. Jung Eun-hye revealed that Han Ji-min and Kim Woo-bin praised her a lot on the set and always carried her outerwear to make sure she wouldn’t feel cold during the long filming. 

Our Blues

Leaving a thank-you message dedicated to Han Ji-min and Kim Woo-bin, who held a birthday party for her, Jung Eun-hye also showed her affection for Han Ji-min. As Jung Eun-hye said, Han Ji-min asked for her contact first and the two are still exchanging messages every day. 

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