Friendship between goddesses: Son Ye-jin boasts ageless visuals in front of Song Yoon-ah’s congratulation poster

Actress Son Ye-jin boasted her splendid beauty in her new Instagram post.

On November 20th, Son Ye-jin posted on her Instagram a photo with caption, “Song Yoon-ah unnie, whom I love so much. It’s been more than a decade since we met, and I came to like unnie more and more over time,” she said, revealing her strong relationship with actress Song Yoon-ah.

son ye jin

“As time goes by, I see unnie becoming deeper, wiser, warmer, and more caring. You are the one who makes me think that, ‘I want to be an altruistic person like her.’ I am grateful for our precious relationship, and I always thank you and love you. I was just going to write something but this suddenly became a letter ^^; Anyway, the point is I love you,” the actress continued with sincerity and cuteness.

In the photo, Son Ye-jin is making a heart with her hands in front of the banner that says “You know that all of Ye-jin’s works are going to be a hit, right?”^^ Congratulations in advance! Fighting! From Song Yoon-ah.” Her unique lovely eye-smile and modest beauty attract attention. In another video posted, the filming staff are eating various foods, showing that Song Yoon-ah prepared catering at Son Ye-jin’s filming site.

son ye jin

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin is in the midst of filming JTBC’s new drama “39 and is in an open relationship with actor Hyun-bin. Song Yoon-ah is appearing on Channel A’s drama “Show Window.”


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