The unexpected career of Jung Eun-hye, Han Ji-min’s twin sister in “Our Blues” – K-drama’s first actress with Down syndrome

Actress Jung Eun-hye (32) with Down syndrome, who appeared for the first time in a K- drama through tvN’s weekend drama “Our Blues” is a current hot topic.

In the episode which was aired on May 22nd, Jung Eun-hye appeared as the twin sister Young-hee of haenyeo Young-ok (played by Han Ji-min) and came down to Jeju Island in search of Young-ok. She is Young-ok’s only family member left in this world after their parents died.

our blues

Unlike Young-hee, who hangs out with the people of Pureung Village without any feeling of being left out, Young-ok snapped at Jung-jun (Kim Woo-bin), who just started dating her, revealing her hurtful innermost thoughts about supporting her disabled family member.

Amid a flurry of interest in Jung Eun-hye after the episode was broadcast, it was revealed that she is actually an active artist who had been painting for eight years.

our blues

Jung Eun-hye is an artist who signed with Jamsil Creative Studio of the Seoul Cultural Foundation and began painting portraits at Munho River Market in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province, in 2016, drawing the faces of 4,000 people and becoming famous as the “Your Face” painter.

She is also sharing her daily life as a painter through the YouTube channel “Your Face Eun-hye.”

our blues

In a past interview, her mother, Jang Cha-hyun, who is the artist of the cartoon “Ttori’s House,” which depicts the daily life of raising a daughter with Down syndrome, said, “After graduating from school, adults with developmental disabilities have nowhere to go. Eun-hye, who stayed at home, began to regress, and she also showed symptoms of tic, vision obsessive-compulsive symptoms, and schizophrenia”. In other words, the story of Young-hee, who showed symptoms of schizophrenia in the drama, was actually the story of Jung Eun-hye.

jung eun hye art

Jang said, “I set up an atelier in front of the school and gave Eun-hye the cleaning work, but she started drawing after seeing other children draw. As she started to focus on drawing, the symptoms of tic and schizophrenia disappeared, and she goes on to live her life as a totally normal presence in society,” she said.

jung eun hye art

Jung Eun-hye’s story was also made into a documentary film. “Your Face,” which won the Excellence Award at the Seoul Environmental Film Festival last year, is scheduled to be released on the 23rd of next month.

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Source: daum

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