BLACKPINK topped the November Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings, followed by aespa and TWICE

It is released that BLACKPINK ranked No.1 on the Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings in November 2021.

The Korean Business Research Institute extracted 35,485,926 big data of girl groups from Oct. 14th, 2021 to Nov. 14th, 2021, and measured KPOP girl group brand reputation rankings based on participation index, media index, communication index and community index.

30 girl groups in the Brand Reputation Rankings in November 2021 in order are BLACKPINK, aespa, TWICE, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, APINK, MAMAMOO, WJSN, LABOUM, StayC, Brave Girls, April, fromis_9, LOONA, Cignature, Weeekly, Dreamcatcher, MOMOLAND, ITZY, Girl’s Day, (G)-IDLE, EXID, Elris, woo!ah!, and Hot Issue.

BLACKPINK topped the November Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings,…
followed by aespa…

Director of Korean Business Research Institute Koo Chang-hwan analyzed, “In the analysis of the No.1 girl group BLACKPINK, the highest-ranking words related to BLACKPINK are ‘enter’, ‘success’, ‘bold’ along with some keywords, including ‘Jennie’, ‘Lisa’ and ‘Billboard’. In addition, BLACKPINK received a positive score of 76.62%, and all detailed figures decreased except for communication index which rose 22.23%.”


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