Netizens raised suspicions of FreeZia using fake goods, “Her necklace x Chanel items, all look fake…”

On January 16th, a video titled, “FreeZia wants to launch a brand, but she also wants to use fake luxury goods”, was uploaded on Youtube channel “탈덕수용소 (Camp for those who want to get out of the fandom)”.

FreeZia using fake goods

According to the video, a netizen posted a message on the fancafe for people who love luxury items asking about the size of the Van Cleef & Arpels necklace worn by FreeZia.

FreeZia using fake goods

However, other people who saw FreeZia’s necklace left comments, saying, “I think it’s not the original design”, “The part that connects the chain and the pendant looks different from that of a real one”.

FreeZia using fake goods
FreeZia using fake goods

Another suspicion also arose. On January 16th, a netizen posted on online community Nate Pann an article titled, “The thickness of this Chanel T-shirt FreeZia wore in Single’s Inferno is also different from the original one’s. This dress is also a fake one”, raising the controversy over FreeZia wearing fake goods.

In response to these photos, netizens left various opinions, saying, “I would be very disappointed if it’s true”, “She needs to explain this”, “She might have bought those goods without knowing this fact”, “Are you going to make a controversy arise?”, “Things will end once she confirms this on Youtube”

Born in 2997, FreeZia (real name Song Ji-ah), is a beauty content creator with about 1.2 million subscribers on Youtube. She graduated from Hanyang University’s Department of Dance, majoring in Korean dance.

FreeZia using fake goods


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