FreeZia continued to be suspected of using a fake bag in promotion video for Dior sponsorship, netizens raised divided opinions

Netizens raised suspicion that model-creator FreeZia even showed a fake Lady Dior bag in a promotion video for Dior Beauty sponsorship. Lady Dior is one of Dior’s best-selling bags.


On January 19th, a post on “Chicment”, the largest fancafe for people who love luxury products with 540,000 members, pointed out that the Lady Dior bag which FreeZia showed on her SNS in September last year looks fake.

FreeZia introduced a light pink Lady Dior bag in a video promoting ‘Miss Dior Eau de Parfum’ in September last year. However, it is suspected that the Cannage pattern of the Lady Dior bag in that video looks sloppy.

The post’s author A said, “If you look at the bag in the video, the embossing and trims were poorly done. I think it’s a fake product. How about you all?”, adding, “The space of the embossing looks weird and the charms decoration is also strangely thin”.

Other people also expressed similar opinions. A person who also owns a Lady Dior bag said, “The decoration looks so fake. Its charms decoration is quite thin and it’s too yellow”. Charms decoration refers to accessories attached to the bags.


Internet users on online community theqoo showed mixed responses. Some agreed that FreeZia’s Lady Dior bag looked like a fake one, but some raised opposite opinions. 

One netizen said, “Apart from the fact that the bag looked poorly manufactured, the bag shape also look different. The original product has sharp angles and it looks nearly like a square-shaped bag, while FreeZia’s Lady Dior bag is nearly in a trapezoidal shape and its angles are round.”

On the other hand, many people believed the product in FreeZia’s video is authentic. They said if FreeZia’s Lady Dior bag was a fake, Dior could have recognized it when she posted the promotion video. They also pointed out that the advertisement video is still on her Instagram so it is highly likely that the bag is not a fake one.

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