Son Ye Jin kissed her single life goodbye with a stunning photoset

Immediately after the marriage announcement, Son Ye Jin treated fans to a series of magazine photos showing off her beauty and captivating body.

Only 1 month is left until Son Ye Jin is officially married to Hyun Bin. Currently, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are the hottest couple in Kbiz as people are constantly discussing the couple’s every news as well as their upcoming wedding.

Recently, Elle Korea magazine has released a set of photos of Son Ye Jin for next month’s publication. Accordingly, the set of photos was taken on February 11th, 1 day after the actress announced her marriage. The beauty and figure of the bride-to-be in this photo series make netizens admire because her beauty really stands out in every frame.

Son Ye Jin wears a strapless dress, showing off her pretty shoulders with an elegant and luxurious aura. Besides, the beauty of Crash Landing On You also showed off the advantage of her extremely attractive slim legs. Looking at this series of photos, anyone has to admit that this is indeed the beauty that can conquer even the most powerful male star in Korean showbiz!

Son Ye-jin Elle Korea
The luxurious red dress helps Son Ye Jin show off her pretty shoulders and beautiful neck. Her makeup also enhances the given aristocratic, charming beauty.
Son Ye-jin Elle Korea
Son Ye Jin’s slim shoulders and back make viewers unable to take their eyes off. The black-and-white photos further enhance the fragile, elegant and luxurious beauty of the “nation’s first love”.
Son Ye-jin Elle Korea
Anyone would be in awe of Son Ye Jin’s gorgeous side profile
Son Ye-jin Elle Korea
The bride-to-be is beautiful and dreamy like a muse in a white dress
Son Ye-jin Elle Korea
In other photos, the actress also cleverly shows off the advantage of her slim body and long legs
Son Ye-jin Elle Korea
The beauty is both pretty and charming, no wonder why not only the fans but also the actor Hyun Bin are captivated

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