Chinese Netizen Received Mixed Reactions After Joking About The Death Of NCT’s Lucas

Lucas is coming back to the industry and some fans are not happy.

On February 23, a Chinese netizen made a post on Thread, pretending to be WayV’s agency LABEL V, saying:

“Hello, this is LABEL V.

We regret to inform you that original WayV member Lucas passed away from natural causes today. We deeply regret that the former member’s death was so natural. He should’ve died more cruelly.

Thank you.”

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This post immediately received mixed reactions from other Chinese netizens. Some people believe it is very cruel and rude to joke about a person’s death, while others find this post funny.

Some of the comments and replies are as follows:

  • ”I don’t follow NCT, and I hate what Lucas has done, but there’s really no need to talk about death. Everyone hates how he’s still in SM Entertainment, but a person wishing him death is not any better than him.
  • Of course, you have the right to hate someone, but don’t put a curse on them.”
  • ”You can joke around all you want but this one is too much. What kind of a person are you? You’ve lost your mind from stanning idols.”
  • “This is so funny.“
  • “My stomach hurts from laughing too much.“
  • “This is kind of wrong, but it’s good.“

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment recently opened various social media accounts for Lucas, hinting his future solo comeback. Lucas previously left NCT and WayV after a series of accusations from his ex-girlfriend that he was cheating and gaslighting her.

Source: KrB

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