iKON to make a comeback on May 3rd

Boy group iKON confirmed their comeback date to be May 3rd.

YG Entertainment made an announcement on its official blog on April 14th by posting the “RELEASE POSTER”, heralding iKON’s new album.

Although the form of this album as well as the tracklist has not yet been disclosed, the date “2022.05.03” was clearly written, raising fans’ expectations. This will be iKON’s first comeback in one year and two months since the release of their digital single “Why Why Why” in March last year. This is also the group’s latest move before their concert, which will be held on the 25th and 26th of June.


In the released poster, 6 members of iKON exude their unique free-spirited charms and charismas through their blurred silhouettes. 

iKON announced their vigorous activities starting with the release of this new music work. The members are recently communicating actively with fans through their self-produced entertainment show and live broadcasts with the thought, “We want to meet our beloved iKONICs (iKON’s fandom name) in person”.


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