“Street Woman Fighter” Monika and Lip J politely declined fans’ gift

“Street Woman Fighter” participants, dancer Monica amd Lip J, don’t want to receive expensive gifts from fans anymore.

Monika and Lip J

On Oct 8th, Monika posted a video on her Instagram with a caption saying, “We express our gratitude to our fans”. In the video, Monika appeared with Lip J wearing gifts from fans. She thanked her fans for the gifts, saying that she could not reply to them one by one, which is why she decided to film this video. Monika cautiously voiced out her opinion about her fans’ gifts, “I’m very grateful, but on the other hand, I’m worried.”

Monika and Lip J

“I don’t want to say that these gifts are burdensome to me. Everyone can just write a letter to me at any time”, she said. She also asked for their understanding that she might not be able to reply.

“Please, don’t give me expensive gifts. You can even write me a letter on the box,” Monika said firmly.

“The gift needs to be less than 5,000 won. Even if the delivery is slow, it’s totally okay to me, so don’t use expensive parcels,” she said, carefully setting the price of the gift.

Monika also said she was moved by the beautiful handwriting of her fans.

Monika and Lip J

Lip J said, “Thank you for taking your time to do all of this while you’re so busy”. “Your time is more expensive,” she said, asking them to spend less time doing this for her and just sending her something cheap is okay. Lastly, Monika said, “I sincerely thank you all so much and I wonder how we can live as a nicer person after receiving so much love from you guys. We cannot do anything bad. We’ll live as a nicer person.”

Netizens are showering the video with explosive reactions such as “I love you”, “How can I not love you?”, “You’re both so cute”, “I’ll protect you for the rest of my life”,…

Meanwhile, Monika and Lip J are receiving much attention on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” for their intense charisma and outstanding dance skill.

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